W.B. 10.06.2019 What we have been learning

On Wednesday your child took home the report on their learning story. Please add your comments to the comment sheet  and return this and the learning story by Friday 21st June.


It was lovely to listen to all the talks about ‘ My favourite place”. All children did a fantastic job: making eye contact, speaking clearly and giving reasons why they chose that place.

This week we have enjoyed our new reading books. These books have been a bit more challenging therefore next week we will continue to work on them. We will be collecting all books in on Friday 14th June.

We have continued to work on rules when adding -ing to verbs. This week  we have been learning to segment and word-build words where you drop the e when adding ing.  “When the action word has an e at the end we need to need to take the e away and add ing”.

In handwriting we have revised all our recent letters on cursive: p, c, k, ck.

Home learning ideas

  • Please work on your reading book at home. Use the reading rockets for questions. Talk about the characters on your book.
  • Think about verbs and together try to work out if when adding -ing you need to just add ing, double the consonant or drop the e before adding ing. Below you can see some examples of the ones we have been working on.IMG_3044
  • Continue to practice your spelling words. This week we have introduced block 8.Block 8 pdf .  You can use the spelling grid ideas that you will have at home,.



This week we have continued to work on measurement finding out about metres and centimetres.”We have been learning about measurement, we’ve got metres and centimetres and one whole meter is 100 centimetres”.

Home learning ideas

  • Measure a few items at home using a ruler or a measuring tape and compare items.
  • Use your Maths grid to work on number and number processes.


Other areas

We have continued to work on our topic. This time we used books to find about the life of an explorer and their transport. We worked in teams.  “We found out what they  (explorers) ate and where they slept”.