P3M Home Learning Activities 12.9.19



Please complete the reading assigned for your group.

We will be focussing on developing our skills in summarising a story this term. At home, once you have read the story, try to retell the story including only the important points. Think about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of your book. We will discuss our summaries of tour books during our reading time in class.


Spelling words for this week were added to the blog on Monday. New words will be given on Tuesday next week.


We have been practising forming cursive letters correctly and joining letters together. A lot of us are finding joining the letter ‘r’ to other letters quite tricky and this is something you could practise at home. Perhaps once you have mastered this skill, you could teach someone at home how to do this!


We have been developing our addition skills this week and our focus has been on using different strategies to help us add.

Follow the link to ‘Hit the Button’ and play a game based on number bonds or on doubles.