P4W Wise Woodies 24.1.20


It has been a very busy week of learning in P4W!

We are developing skills across the curriculum.


  • Developing our reading skills. We are continuing to read our new class novel ‘Storm’ by Kevin Crossley – Holland.
  • Developing our listening and talking skills by discussing a variety of texts.
  • Developing our comprehension skills.
  • Developing our thinking skills and understanding of a text by using Bloom’s questioning.
  • Developing our knowledge of the features of a successful poster.
  • Developing our diary writing skills.
  • Developing our spelling skills.
  • Developing our knowledge of Scots and reciting a poem.

This week’s spelling rule –

Insert a t when ‘ch’ follows a short vowel sound.

hatch match  itch  catch  hutch  snatch  scratch  match  ditch  witch  watch

bewitched  hatching  stitching  snatched scratched  matching  kitchen  stretching  pitching  catching



  • Developing quick and accurate recall of number facts.
  • Using number bond ‘fact families’ to make addition and subtraction calculations.
  • Identifying number patterns.
  • Continuing number sequences and creating our own.
  • Developing our subtraction skills.
  • Laying out subtraction calculations correctly and explaining the traditional method. Our ‘key word’ is EXCHANGE.
  • Developing our problem solving skills and explaining our strategies.


  • Developing our knowledge of the characteristics of Living Things.
  • Developing our cooperative skills.
  • Developing  drama skills.
  • Developing skills for team games.
  • Developing our Scottish country dancing skills.
  • Performing to a wider audience.


Have a good weekend!