W.B. 9th September

This week we have been learning:


  • Practising our listening and talking skills through sharing our Everywhere bear adventures.
  • We have been practising writing our name and making a list of items that Everywhere bear will take on his journey.
  • Exploring some single sounds of the alphabet. We have focused on s, a, t. p, i, n. However, the main focus this week has been sounds: t, p.
  • We have been making letters outdoors using different items.

Home learning ideas

  • To practice fine motor skills, use pegs, do and undo buttons, play with playdough, etc.
  • Find words that start with a given sound (from the ones we have been working on).
  • Read a story with your child every day (if possible) and chat about the book.


  • We have explored pattern: our focus has been to copy, continue and create simple patterns involving objects, shapes and numbers.
  • Exploring numbers to 10 with matching activities
  • Recognising numbers and dot patterns (to 10)
  • Exploring numbers to 10 (and beyond for some)
  • Sequencing numbers
  • Counting forwards and backwards from different starting points
  • Next week we will be moving onto: Explore, recognise and continue simple number patterns and to find missing numbers on a number line within the range 0 – 20.

Home learning ideas

  • Practice number formation numbers 0 to 10: you don’t need to use a pencil, you can use flour, water and a paint brush, make the number with chalk and your child can trace it over with a car, etc.
  • We have been playing this game in class:



Other Areas

  • E. – This week we have continued to practice changing for P.E. We are working on balancing, catching and throwing skills. We loved playing cats and mice!
  • Health and Wellbeing – We are working on ‘Look on the bright side of life’ following our Building resilience programme.
  • We had the opportunity to participate in the Magic of Music workshop on Friday.



Other Information

  • We will start sending the sound cards next week, please check your purple folders when they arrive home.
  • Please continue help your child to dress/undress independently, this will help with changing for P.E
  • It would be really helpful if all items of clothing could be labelled.
  • We politely ask you give your child water in their bottles.


Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.