P2c learning 13.9.19

It has been another busy week in p2



  • writing a personal account of our news
  • revising th and wh digraphs
  • making imaginative predictions about the book ‘Who’s our new Teacher?’
  • talking and listening to our learning partners
  • revising and practising the correct formation of the lower case letter a ( both cursive and non cursive )


Numeracy and maths

  • investigating and creating pattern
  • finding missing numbers to 100
  • creating ‘disappearing number lines’ with both forward and backward number sequences

Other areas of the curriculum

  • small ball skills in PE
  • building resilience 
  • fine motor skills


Things to do at home

  • tie knots in string
  • write the letter a in flour on a baking tray taking care to follow the correct route
  • have a th/wh word hunt in a newspaper
  • play the helicopter rescue game