Friday 20th September


P1 Best Butterflies Blog

We have had a really busy four days in P1B this week. We have been working super hard with all of our learning activities and I am so proud of you all – Well done P1.

This week we have been learning:  


  • Practising our listening and talking skills as we continued to share our adventures with Billy, our Everywhere Bear
  • Answering and asking questions about our adventures with Billy and saying kind comments about others work
  • We have been practising writing our name
  • Learning the single sounds of the alphabet. This week we focused on the i and the n sounds.
  • Blending single sounds we know to help us read/write words
  • This week we used cotton buds and paint to practise our letter formation – we really enjoyed this activity!


  • Exploring numbers to 10 with matching activities
  • Recognising numbers and dot patterns (to 10/20)
  • Exploring numbers to 20
  • Sequencing numbers to 10/20
  • Counting forwards and backwards from different starting points
  • Exploring pattern through our play experiences
  • This week we went outside for one of our numeracy lessons and we practised number formation in three different ways. In the sand pit using sticks, with chalk, water and paintbrushes and also by using our bodies to form the numbers with our friends.

Other Areas

  • P.E. – This week we continued practising changing for P.E. We are getting much better (and quicker) at this – well done!
  • Tuesday P.E. (skills focus) – throwing and catching. We have been learning how to throw a beanbag to a partner using an underarm throw.
  • Friday P.E. (fitness focus) – running games and discussing the importance of keeping fit/staying healthy. We have also been feeling our pulse before and after our P.E. sessions and discussing the changes in the speed of it and how the heart rate is impacted with different levels of exercise
  • Health and Wellbeing – This week we discussed the ‘healthy’ aspect of the SHANARRI wheel and then designed our own paper plate of food, trying to include some healthy options
  • Snack and Chat: we have been trying out having our snack and a chat in the classroom just before break. We have enjoyed time together to chat and develop social skills as well have all our break time to play.
  • Other Information
  • Please continue help your child to dress/undress independently, this will help with changing for P.E
  • This week we have found using the clips that attach our purple folders to our bags a little tricky – if your child has one of these, can you please continue to practise clipping them on and taking them off at home.
  • This week we have sent home learning home in purple the pupils purple folders (blue worksheet) – Please can you practice the sounds on the sheets with your children but for no more than 10 minutes a day
  • Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Miss Hutcheon and Mrs Conlin