P2WG Learning 20/09/19


P2 Reading was sent home this week, please use the ‘reading rockets’ to support reading at home (these will be sent home in colour when the printer has been fixed).



  • We have been practising letter formation
  • We have focused on hand writing and correct pencil grip
  • Exploring digraph sounds eg. ai and ay
  • Exploring block 1/2 tricky words
  • We introduced a new book called ‘Who’s Our New Teacher?’ and have been focusing on our prediction and imagination skills linked to this
  • We have been learning about what makes a super sentence e.g. capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, checking it makes sense and challenging ourselves by trying to add in a describing word



  • Sequencing and ordering numbers
  • Counting forwards and backwards from different starting points
  • P2 have been learning to use tally marks to record amounts and complete tally charts accurately
  • Finding missing numbers up to 100
  • Investigating and creating patterns


Other Areas

  • P.E. (small balls skills) – aiming, throwing, catching and passing, hand/eye coordination
  • Developing fine motor control
  • Building resilience in school