P2 Warty Gruffalos Blog

Please remind your child to bring their book and reading record to school every day. ‘Reading Rockets’ to support reading will be sent home next week.  Please do not be worried if your child moves/changes reading groups – reading groups are fluid and your child may move in order to support their individual learning needs.


  • We have been doing reading in class focusing on decoding tricky words and reading with increased fluency and expression
  • Exploring digraph sounds ‘ee’ and ‘ea’
  • Practising spelling block 1/2 tricky words
  • We have been learning to write sentences correctly and retell a story in the correct sequence
  • We have also been creating settings and habitats linked to stories we have been reading in class
  • Writing – P2 were supported to write about things they are enjoying in P2. We focussed on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Some children were also able to use a connective (and/because) in their writing!


  • Add doubles facts with a range of number. You can play this game at home:


  • P2 have been learning to use Carroll diagrams
  • Continuing to investigate and create patterns

 Other Areas

  • P.E. (small balls skills) – aiming, throwing, catching and passing, hand/eye coordination
  • Planning and building animal dens
  • Developing fine motor control
  • Building resilience in school

Other Information

  • Tempest are in school on Monday and Tuesday taking the children’s photos
  • P2 Zoo Lab – P2 have a visit from the Zoo Lab on Wednesday 2nd Oct. Please use Parent Pay to pay and give permission for your child to attend
  • It would be really helpful if all items of clothing could be labelled
  • We politely ask you to encourage your child to keep toys and trading cards at home – we have lots of resources at school to keep your child busy learning
  • We are looking for materials for building, modelling and using at our creation station – recycling is welcome!


Thank you and have a lovely weekend!