P5W Reflective Friday 27.9.19


In writing, we have been using challenge cards to create a narrative story. They were really useful for giving us good ideas of what to write about. In reading, we discussed how characters reacted to different situations and brainstormed the perfect excuse for a character to get out of trouble.

Home learning activity: When you are reading, think about what a character could have done differently. How would that change the story?

Maths and numeracy:

We looked at number patterns to decide what number they started with and how much they were going up or down by each time. Some of our number patterns were quite challenging and used multiplication or division. A highlight this week was designing our own maths board games. We can’t wait to play them!

Home learning activity: Make up your own maths game – it could be a board game, counting game, physical game, or anything else you can think of.

Other areas of the curriculum:

We have continued to develop our kicking skills in P.E. and we played a game of football bowling to practise our aiming. In art, we created folding surprise pumpkins. In I.C.T, we learned how to log in and out of our Office 365 accounts.