P2c Learning 27.9.19


Exploring independent learning.


Please remind your child to bring their reading book school every day. ‘Reading Rockets’ to support reading will be sent home next week.


  • We have been doing reading in class focusing on decoding tricky words and reading with increased fluency and expression
  • enjoying books at BEAR time
  • Revising digraph sounds ‘ee’ and ‘ea’
  • Practising spelling block 1/2 tricky words
  • We have been learning to write sentences correctly and retell a story in the correct sequence
  • Writing – P2 were supported to write about things they are enjoying in P2. We focused on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Some children were also able to use a connective (and/because) in their writing!


  • Add doubles facts with a range of number. You can play this game at home:


  • P2 have been demonstrating our understanding of and ability to interpret block graphs
  • Continuing to investigate and create patterns

 Other Areas

  • P.E. (small balls skills) – aiming, throwing, catching and passing, hand/eye coordination
  • Using our imagination to design pyjamas for animals
  • Developing fine motor control
  • Building resilience in school
  • Singing with Sarah
  • We watched Danny MacAskill cycling ‘The ridge’ This prompted lots of great discussion about determination, resilience, bravery, risk taking and risk management, as well as lots of oohs and aahs !

Other Information

  • Tempest are in school on Monday and Tuesday taking the children’s photos
  • P2 Zoo Lab – P2 have a visit from the Zoo Lab on Wednesday 2nd Oct. Please use Parent Pay to pay and give permission for your child to attend
  • It would be really helpful if all items of clothing could be labelled
  • We politely ask you to encourage your child to keep toys and trading cards at home – as it  can cause upset if they get lost or damaged
  • We are looking for materials for building, modelling and using at our creation station – clean cardboard recycling is welcome!


Thank you and have a lovely weekend!