P1/2 Learning Ladybirds 01.10.19

P1/2 Learning Ladybirds Blog


Please remind your child to bring their book and reading record to school every day and continue to use your ‘Reading Rocket’ to support reading at home. Please do not be worried if your child moves/changes reading groups – reading groups are fluid and your child may move in order to support their individual learning needs. P1 reading will be sent home after the October break – we will continue to read in class.



  • We have continued practising letter formation
  • Exploring the single sounds of the alphabet (s,a,t,p,i,n,r,m,e,h,d,o,g,f)
  • P1: We have introduced some tricky words: I, the, to – these are words that cannot be sounded out
  • Learning the ‘Jolly Phonics’ songs and actions linked to each sound – ask your child to teach you!
  • Recognising the beginning sound of a word
  • P2 have been Exploring digraph sounds igh and -y and revising digraph sounds we covered in P1
  • Exploring block 1/2 tricky words (I, to, the, me, he, was, want, saw, his, is)
  • Blending single sounds we know to read/write words
  • Word building using sounds we have explored


  •  Tricky Words – I have attached a powerpoint of tricky words for you to practise at home if you wish – P1s have only covered  I, to and the.


  • Exploring numbers to 20 and beyond
  • Working with ‘Learning Partners’ to explore numbers
  • We have been exploring number bonds to 10 – 2 numbers that make 10.
  • Playing cards with Miss McGhee – ask your children to teach you the game at home!
  • Recognising numbers, dot patterns and tally marks
  • P2 have continued counting in 5s and learning how to ‘tally’ numbers. This is to help us with data collection
  • P1s have started exploring counting in 2s
  • Counting forwards and backwards from different starting points – this skill will really help when we start adding and subtracting numbers
  • We have explored recognising, naming and using shape



Other Areas

  • Wednesday P.E. (skills focus) – throwing and catching
  • We have continued practising under arm and over arm throwing and using these skills in games
  • We have also been practising aiming and throwing at a target from a stationary position and when moving around
  • Next week will move on to exploring balance
  • Thursday P.E. (fitness focus) – running games and discussing the importance of keeping fit/staying healthy
  • Health and Wellbeing: We have had a focus on ‘Big Deal/Little Deal’ this week to support building resilience
  • We have continued to develop sharing skills through ‘Learn Through Play’ and how to communicate effectively with others
  • Snack and Chat: children are still enjoying social tie together during snack and a chat in the classroom just before break – it’s been a success! We are enjoying time together to chat and develop social skills as well have all our break time to play.
  • Music – on a Wednesday afternoon P1s and P2s come together for singing. Children are enjoying developing different skills during singing as well as leaning new songs!
  • Music – we also have a singing specialist coming in on a Friday morning. This is our 4th week and we have 1 more week left
  • We have continued to explore shape using different techniques to stick the shapes together
  • Fine Motor Skills: We have continued to focus on scissor skills to develop hand strength and promote pencil control
  • Circle Time – on a Friday we discuss our learning and share ideas of what we would like to learn next and what we would like to have in the classroom to support our learning
  • The Area – we have protected time in the area outside our classroom every Wednesday between break and lunch. We explore lots of different skills through block play, the home corner, role play, painting, junk modelling, sand, water and crafts…..this is also a great time to develop our sharing skills further


Other Information

    • Please continue help your child to dress/undress independently, this will help with changing for P.E
    • It would be really helpful if all items of clothing could be labelled
  • P1 Home Learning – apologies for forgetting the home learning sheets (again) – they are ready to go! Please feel free to ask me for it if you are in for parent’s afternoon today. Alternatively, I will hand it out on Monday. Once again I am sorry for the delay!


  • P1 Home Learning – please support us by cutting these out and practising recognising the letters/sounds
  • We politely ask you to encourage your child to keep toys and trading cards at home – we have lots of resources at school to keep your child busy learning

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.Tricky Word Block 1 PP