P3M Home Learning 4.10.19

Apologies for last week’s missing post! We have been experiencing some difficulties with the site!


Please complete the reading assigned to your group. Keep practising summarising stories. Remember to include the most important or interesting part.


Spelling words for this week were posted on the site on Monday. Just to be clear, you only need to work on the list that you chose in class on Monday.

Please also pick one or two common (or tricky) words to learn at home. Work on the words that have been highlighted on the sheet you were given (or your parents were given) at parent consultations this week. Aim to learn one or two of these a week in addition to the weekly spelling list.

Try using Spelling City to help you learn the common words. You can enter the words you need to work on and are then given a little test to see how well you know them.



We have been continuing with addition this week and in mental maths we have been working on adding 10 to a two-digit number as well as adding 9 by first adding 10 and then subtracting 1.

Follow the link to practise adding 10. You should choose Level 2; Addition; Up to 100 – ten more.



We have been learning all about sound this week. See if you can explain how sound is made to someone at home. If you need a little bit of help, you could watch the following clip first: