Week beginning 30.09.19

Thank you for coming along to the parent’s consultations yesterday and today. I really appreciate you making the time to come and see what the children have been learning. Please get in touch with any concerns (or highlights and star achievements outside of school) at any time.

Over to Ellie, Abigail, Joe, Blake and Christopher to share what P3C have been learning this week:

We researched guide dogs because they are the charity we have chosen to raise money for. We found out that they help blind people. Guide dogs have a special, high-vis vest that tells people not to touch them because they’re a guide dog.

We used active spelling to practice the rule: if it’s a bouncy vowel it’s a ck and if it’s a stretchy vowel it’s one k. For example, sack has an a, a, a, so it’s bouncy so it’s got a curly c and a kicking k but week has a stretchy ee so it’s just one k.

In reading we were summarising which is the most important bits of the story put together. ‘Somebody, wanted, but, so, then’ is a different way of helping us summarise. (See this video for an explanation). Somebody, wanted, but, so, then was an easier way to summarise than thinking about the beginning, middle and end.

In handwriting we learned words and letters in cursive. We were doing c, a, n, m, o, s and i.

We have been working on breaking up the numbers and other addition strategies. We watched this video on breaking up the numbers and had a go with 2 digit and 3 digit numbers. Some of us were working on the counting on addition strategy.

In PE we kept working on hockey. We are learning to control the ball, go faster, pass the ball accurately and we played matches.  

We do the register with French numbers. We were learning colours today. We played a game where Miss Collyns said a colour and we had to go find it in the classroom.

For art this week we got into the Christmas spirit early and were creating Christmas cards. (Any fundraising Christmas cards completed at home need to be back in school by Tuesday 8th October – spare forms can be collected from the office)

Home Learning

Spelling words were posted earlier in the week but can you think of some more that use the same rule? You could use any of the active ways we practise our spelling words in class at home or you could try this website to help you.

Maths: this place value game will develop understanding of how numbers are made which is essential for addition strategies (as well as subtraction, multiplication and division). This game develops understanding of the relationship between numbers in a 100 square.

Science: We have been learning all about sound this week. See if you can explain how sound is made to someone at home. If you need a little bit of help, you could watch this clip first.