P2WG Learning 11.10.19

We have been busy in P2WG this week.



  • In Spelling we have been learning about oa and ow. Some words for oa are: soap, oats, boat, oar, float, goat, loaf, toast, roast. Some words for ow are: show, sow, flow, slow, low and glow.
  • We have been learning how to write a super sentence! We need to include a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. We use our polishing pencil to make super sentences.
  • We are reading Polly Jean Pyjama Queen. We love it!
  • We were designing front/back covers for our books.

Things to do at home

– try to write super sentences. Remember your capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.

– design a front cover for a book you are reading at home. Think about what happens in the story.


  • We are learning about doubles. For example we know that 6 +6 = 12. This is double 6.
  • We have also been learning our number bonds to 10, 20 and even 100. We know that 5+ 5 = 10, 10 + 10 = 20 and 50 + 50 = 100.
  • We have been learning how to copy patterns.

Things to do at home

– practise number bonds by saying/choosing a number from cards then quickly saying the other number to complete the number bond. This could be a race against someone else!

-make up your own patterns for someone to copy.

-use things you find at home/in the garden to make patterns.

Other areas

  • We have been learning all about habitats. We know this is an animals home.
  • We enjoyed our last signing session. We liked the Scottish songs we sang and were able to keep the beat.