P3M 11.10.19


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

New books will be given out on Wednesday and Thursday after the break. In the meantime, if you are looking for an additional challenge, you might want to read a book at home or borrow a book from the library. See if you can summarise the story (remember to include the most important part). You might want to retell the story to your reading group when we return to school.


We have been revising the ‘ea’ sound with our spelling words this week. Try writing out some more words with the ‘ea’ sound and ask someone at home to check if you are correct. Remember that ‘ee’ also makes the same sound.

If you would like to practise more spelling during the break, work on learning some of the common or tricky words issued at the meetings with parents last week.


In mental maths this week we have been reminding ourselves of some of the strategies we have learned so far. These include, counting on, using doubles and near doubles, starting with the largest number, adding 10 to 2-digit numbers, adding 9 by adding 10 then subtracting 1, and adding 11 by adding 10 then adding another 1. We also completed some calculations involving number bonds to 10 or 20.

If you would like to practise some mental maths during the holidays, follow this link to The Daily Ten. If you go into level 1, there is an option to practise your number bonds, but you may choose to work on any addition strategies that we have been working on.



We continued learning about sound this week and carried out investigations to try and find the best material for soundproofing or muffling sound. We used music on an i-pad as our source of sound and covered the speaker with a variety of materials. We listened to hear the effect of each material on the volume of the music.

With the permission of someone at home, see if you can continue your investigation. Can you find a material even better at soundproofing than the materials we used in class?