P7H – 11.10.19

A message from Mrs Haynes – I hope you all have a lovely holiday week and I look forward to hearing all the exciting things that you get up to on our first Wednesday back!

Reflective Friday 

11 October 2019 by Max D Dhilan  


In spelling this week. We did ly words such as hysterically, happily and family. 

In our reading we have carried on with our Kensukes kingdom. In this weeks chapter we see Michael and Kensuke becoming friends and Kensuke tells Michael his story. Our work on it was questions on vocab, inferring, explain and retrieve. We also wrote a letter to St Johns ambulance for our charity which is going to be an open day we wrote our letter with Mrs Ling 


In maths we did an assessment on 3d and 2d shapes in 1 figure accuracy we did a sheet on adding and rounding to create a more accurate answer. We also learned how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 including doing this to decimals.  


In our topic work we looked at hurricanes and how they form we also looked at the damage they cause and how you put them into category’s. In PE we did the bleep test if you don’t know what the bleep test is. Its when you have to get to the other side of the hall before it bleeps. Our assembly was about looking on the bright side of life. We also had an exciting session of Bikeability which we all enjoyed! 

What We Enjoyed 

Are favourite moment of the week was when we did our Bikeability which we all loved. 

Next Steps/Home Learning  

Well everybody could practise the new skills we learned at Bikeability. Also staying safe. If you haven’t read the leaflet on it. Its worth a read so you can stay safe on the roads. 

Our next steps are to divide by 10, 100 and 1000.