Week beginning 07.10.19

This week’s blog was put together by Laura, Callie and Tomek.

In maths we have been trying to improve our mental maths, working on addition strategies and used the ipads to learn timetables and play games like coconut ordering on topmarks.

We did spelling. We were learning the ee sound which is tricky because there are two types – ee and ea. So, see and sea is tricky because they are both right but mean different things and they both use the ee sound but in a different way!  

We finished The BFG! We loved the story and talked about our favourite parts. Some people liked when the giant got scared by Jack in his dream, when the giants all started fighting, when Sophie got taken and some people really liked the ending. 

In reading we summarised ‘The Day Louis Got Eaten’ using SWBST (Somebody, Wanted, But, So Then) and here is a video of the work Laura, Holly and Dillon did with Mrs Logan.

In PE we were working on passing accurately. We also do the daily mile. (These pictures are from last week but Miss Collyns couldn’t get them to load!)

Mr Tsirigkas showed us a magic trick! He made a penny stay on his hand! We also learnt about the human body with him and we watched a very funny video – ask us all about it!

Home Learning

Spelling words were posted earlier in the week but can you think of some more that use the same rule? You could use any of the active ways we practise our spelling words in class at home or you could try this website to help you.

Maths: this place value game will develop understanding of how numbers are made which is essential for addition strategies (as well as subtraction, multiplication and division). This game develops understanding of the relationship between numbers in a 100 square.

Reading: books should have made it home for the holidays but any extra reading you can do as well would be fantastic!


Have a fantastic holiday!

Miss Collyns and P3C