P5W Reflective Friday 25.10.19


In spelling we learned to add the suffixes ‘full’ and ‘less’ to words. When adding ‘full’ we need to take away an ‘l’. We wrote the first draft of our recounts about our October holidays and Broomlee camp, which we are planning to revise and publish next week.

Home learning activity: Try looking for words with the ‘full’ and ‘less’ suffixes when you are reading. What other suffixes could you add to the root words to change their meaning?

Maths and numeracy:

We did a diagnostic assessment that covered the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and problem solving to discover our strengths and weaknesses so we know what we need to work on the most. We did a maths mystery challenge and have begun to talk about the strategies we can use to work out tricky worded problems.

Home learning activity: Try making your own maths mystery for someone else to solve.

Other areas of the curriculum: In art, we continued our focus on drawing by learning how to draw minions. In assembly, we sang along to songs and P5 were the best singers! In RME we learned about kindness and why it’s important to be kind. And of course, we are still excited about attending Broomlee camp before the holidays! Some of the highlights were the great meals, climbing trees (sometimes blindfolded!), toasting marshmallows, crate climb, and the catwalk.