P6F Reflective Friday 25.10.19

Welcome back! Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday!

Here is a snapshot of our week in P6F. Lots of learning in a short week.


We have started learning about Fractions, Decimals and Percentages this week. We have been using our knowledge of each of these areas to calculate equivalent amounts. For example 1/2 is the same as 50% and equal to 0.5. P6F used a diagram to help us remember how to do this. Maybe your child could  show you what this diagram looks like at home.


This week we used our writing skills to write a biography. We used our information we researched about an astronaut. Before writing it was important that we planned and thought about who we were writing for and why. We had a number of Success Criteria that we had to use. For example our biographies were to be written in past tense and in 3rd person.

Grammar – we learned how to use speech marks in a piece of writing. There were 4 main Success Criteria that we had to remember. For example we must start a new line when a new person is speaking and we need a capital letter at the start of a new speech sentence. Please ask your child what the other two criteria are for using speech marks. Maybe they could impress you with an example.