P1 Dragonflies 1st November 2019

It was lovely to see you all today. I hope you all enjoyed sharing the learning with your child.


We have been learning:

  • Single sounds of the alphabet: this week we have focused on f, u, b.
  • Tricky words: I, the, to
  • We have all enjoyed watching Geraldine the Giraffe to help us learn our sounds – we find Geraldine really funny. You can find these clips on Youtube.
  • To blend single sounds we know to help us read/write words.
  • We have done our first piece of writing. We have described our friendly dragon. The children worked very hard in this first piece of formal writing. We looked at using capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, fingers spaces between words and full stops.
  • We took our first reading book home. We always read the book in class before it goes home therefore your child will be familiar with the words. This does not mean that they can actually read the book. Reading involves different skills such us prediction, comprehension, undersatnding, decoding, etc.


Home learning ideas:

  • Reading: work on the new sounds and tricky words provided on the blue cards. This should be for a maximum of 10 minutes per day.
  • Reading book: read the book with your child. Use your reading caterpillars to work on comprehension and higher order thinking skills. Copy the words from the book and ask your child to make sentences with them.
  • Read to your child books everyday and enjoy them.

 Numeracy and Maths

  • We have continued to learn to recognise the mathematical signs for addition such as the plus/add and equals signs and have been encouraging the use of this language during our matching learning activities.
  • We have worked on addition within 10 (20 for some).
  • We have worked on gaining confidence when adding numbers and we have used a timer to see if we can improve our adding skills.
  • We have continued to work on number bonds to ten.
  • We had a special focus on number formation (0 to 10). Please continue to reinforce this at home.

Home learning ideas:

  • Please continue to look at and discuss numbers in the environment with your child. On buses, cookers, door numbers etc. This will help us with our number recognition as we continue with our numeracy work.

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button We use this website in class for addition.

  • You can make a challenge like we have done in class with a few sums (within ten) and time your child. Using fingers is “allowed”. We have been working on keeping the biggest number on our head and count onwards the other number but we are still working on this skill.


Other Areas

  • P. E. Tuesday (throwing and catching skills). We missed PE on Friday due to the sharing the learning event.

Other Information

  • Home learning went home yesterday with our new sounds. Please continue to work on learning the sounds with your children. This should be for a maximum of 10 minutes per day
  • This Tuesday our reading books went home on our purple folder. Please remember to bring it back to school every day so we can work in our reading. If a child does not bring the book on Tuesday another book will not be handed until the previous one has been returned.
  • We are starting to introduce woodwork into our play area and we would be grateful if anyone would be able to donate some off cuttings of pine wood into school for us to use at this station.
  • The children have been busy building models and they are keen on building models using cardboard boxes and other items. Please could you send cardboard boxes, kitchen rol tubes, etc for this? Than you!
  • Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs de Bonrostro