P3M 1.11.19

Hello everyone

It was lovely to see so many parents at our ‘Sharing the Learning’ today.  We hope you enjoyed speaking to your child about the French activity they were engaged with.


This week we have been focusing on shape. We were learning to identify, name and describe the features of 3D objects. We went into the playground to take photos on the iPads and discussed the shapes we found. We identified 2D shapes on the faces of 3D objects and described the features of simple 3D objects by looking at their faces, edges and vertices. We made 3D models using art straws and modelling clay and the children decided whether they wanted to work independently or with a partner.


The children were given their new spelling words at the start of the week and practised them by completing a variety of activities. Their knowledge of the words is assessed through dictation on a Friday.

Everyone got a new reading book this week. We are asking and answering questions to help our understanding of the text . We are learning to answer written questions, trying to remember to use the question to help us and to answer in full sentences.


CHANGE OF DAYS- Our PE times are now Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We were practising passing the ball using chest, shoulder, bounce and overhead passes.


Mortonhall Garden Centre gave us a bulb planting demonstration and the children planted daffodil bulbs.


The children revised the French words they know for colours and numbers through a number of different activities.


The children created their own pumpkins using card, scissors and glue.


The children have started drama activities with a specialist teacher.

Have a lovely weekend.

P3M, Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey