P3M Home Learning Activities 1.11.19


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

We will be focussing on developing our comprehension skills for the rest of this term. We have been working on asking and answering ‘remembering’ questions that require us to recall facts from the text. Ask someone at home to ask you these types of questions about what you have read.


We have been learning about nouns (naming words) this week. When you are at home or out and about, use the environment around you to help identify words which are nouns. Perhaps you could have a competition with someone at home to see who can list the most!


Spelling words for this week were posted on Monday. Look out for new words this coming Monday.

Listening and Talking

Ask someone at home to help you prepare a short talk about your favourite book. We will start listening to talks during the week commencing 11 November.

Talks should include the following:

  • The title and author of your chosen book
  • The name of the main character or characters
  • A short summary of the story
  • The reason why it is your favourite book
  • How many stars you have decided to give the book out of a possible five

At home, practise speaking in a voice that will be loud enough for your audience to hear.

If you have a copy of your chosen book, it would be lovely if you were able to bring it with you for your audience to see when you give your talk.


We have been developing our knowledge of the names and properties of 3D objects this week.

Look around your home and see if you can identify some 3D objects. Tell someone the name of the shape and number of edges, vertices and faces it has.