P5W Reflective Friday 1.11.19


We celebrated the changing seasons by writing Autumn poems using our five senses. We needed to use describing words to make our poems interesting. We started our new reading books this week and will be discussing these throughout the term.

Home learning: Make sure you’re completing your reading homework and practising our spelling rules – these can be found in our previous blog post.

Maths and numeracy:

We have been learning to use different strategies to solve addition problems, including partitioning, bridging and ‘chimney stack’ trading. A particular highlight was getting to teach these strategies to our parents during the Sharing Our Learning session. We also looked at finding symmetry in shapes.

Home learning: Have a look at objects around your house. Which ones have symmetry?

Other areas of the curriculum: We started drama this week and learned about acting and mime, like how to use our facial expressions. We also planted some daffodil bulbs to tie in with our topic focus on the environment. We are taking these home, so they should be kept outside and will start to grow around March.