P7H – 1.11.19

Reflective Friday – Sammy & Alanna 1.11.19


  • Finishing Kensuke’s kingdom
  • Writing about selling our Halloween houses
  • Writing a book review about Kensuke’s kingdom,


Numeracy/ Maths

  • For number work we did place value
  • Topic maths – dividing by 10,100,1000
  • Boroughmuir Teacher – balanced equation



  • Topic work – we learnt about our new topic, Enterprise
  • PE – related to enterprise teamwork by trusting our group members
  • Art/drama/music/dance – we started our first drama session talking about our self
  • Assembly – internet safety
  • Languages – new German teacher, revising about what we did last year


What we enjoyed

  • New topic enterprise. We make £5 grow so we get a budget then we get supplies so take make our shop
  • Painting the great wave with watercolour


Next steps/home learning

  • Planning what to make on our enterprise to sell