P7T – 1.1..19

1/11/19 Reflective Friday



In spelling we have been learning to spell words ending with al.

We also get a spelling grid which has activities to do, too help with our spelling.

We have been reading the end of our class novel called kensuke’s kingdom and learning to plan an alternative ending for the story.

Numeracy/ Maths

We have been learning RUCSAC which stands for, Read, Underline, Calculate, Solve, Answer and Check, to help us with our word problems.

In our maths topic we have been learning multiplying and dividing.

Every Tuesday we have a maths teacher who comes in from Boroughmuir to teach us about some maths that we will be doing in high school. Right now, we are learning about algebra.


In our topic we have been getting into groups and figuring out a business to make and making five pounds grow.

In PE we have been doing badminton and getting better at our technique.

We were doing drama and saying things about us in 30 seconds.

In Assembly we were talking about bonfire night and how people celebrate it.

Our art work was doing perspective drawings of a city.

This week we had French and were going over the things we already knew.

The primary sevens have been getting a homework grid and pick 2 tasks to do each week.

What we enjoyed

We have enjoyed creating a haunted house for a monster of your choice.

Next steps/home learning