P2c learning 1.11.19

Independent learning and skill development through exploring our classroom

Forest Kindergarten















Other Areas

  • Developing fine motor control through a range of activities to promote pencil control
  • Building resilience in school and talking about what we are grateful for
  • Learning about continents and where they are found
  • We have been learning some facts about penguins and lions and we shared our learning with the class.
  • Forest Kindergarten with Miss Campbell.
  • Mixing our own playdough
  • Further investigation into magnets, their strength and magnetic fields


We have been reading in class, focusing on sounding out, decoding tricky words and reading with increased fluency and expression.

We continue to hone our handwriting skills and letter formation, both cursive and non cursive.

Practising our spelling words using our ‘speedy spelling’ activities

We read Aaaarrrggghhh Spider in class this week and created pictures about what we would do if we had a pet spider. We shared some fabulously creative and imaginative ideas.

We have been learning to give and justify an opinion by responding to some short animated films. ” I liked it because…”






















  • Continuing to focus on our number bonds to 10/20 and beyond
  • Continuing to investigate and create repeating patterns, including shape patterns
  • Practising our subitising skills with random dot patterns



Things to try at home

  • visit our spelling city page
  • scatter a handful of small objects ( e.g.buttons or raisins) – quickly glance before covering them up and estimating how many were there. This is called subitising. Uncover and arrange the objects into a pattern which makes it easier to count, then check how close your estimate was. Vary the level of challenge by using a range of quantities
  • Read more about subitising and why it is important here

  • give an opinion of a book you have read/ picture you have seen. Justify your opinion. e.g. ” I though it was……because….”
  • Look on the bright side – make a list ( written or spoken) of things which make you happy/glad.



The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you on Friday morning.