P3M 8.11.19

Hi everyone

This week we have been learning:


We finished our topic on shape. We discussed the properties of shapes: faces, vertices, edges and completed a written assessment. We spoke about tiling and began a tile pattern of our own using 2D shapes.

We are going on to  look at subtraction, using different strategies in our calculations.


Everybody completed a piece of writing this week. We were focusing on using punctuation correctly: remembering that- and- is a joining word and should not start or end a sentence, that capital letters should not be in the middle of words, reading our writing over to help us think about where full stops should go, we were also trying to use our knowledge of tricky words and spelling rules to help us spell correctly the words we wanted to use.

Our spelling sound was igh and y (night/ fry) and our tricky words were – what and when. (Please see other blog for full list)

In reading we are asking and answering questions to help our understanding of the text. We are answering written questions about the text, using the questions to help us answer in full sentences using full stops and capital letters.


We started the week with a whole school assembly where the theme was – Be Kind to Others. We will be talking about this in class and trying to put it in to practice!

We continued practising ball skills at PE, trying different ways of passing the ball and having a go at shooting some baskets.


Our new topic is Houses and our local environment. The children discussed what they knew, what they wanted to know and how they wanted to learn. We looked at a map of Edinburgh and talked about some of the buildings. We spoke about the names for different kinds of houses and the children drew their own house.


We are were talking about the composer Tchaikovsky and listening to some of the music from the ballet The Nutcracker.


The class are getting a lesson a week from Mrs Hand who will be doing a variety of drama activities.


We were talking about weather , asking the question – Quel temps fait- il ? and looking at the words for different types of weather.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M