P3M Home Learning Activities 8 November 2019


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

We have been working on asking and answering questions that help us understand what the text is about. Ask someone at home to ask you some questions about the book you are reading. Examples of the type of questions we have been working on include:

  • What adjectives might you use to describe the main character?
  • How did the character feel when ……..?
  • What do you think is meant by……?
  • What is the story about?

Reading Records

We have asked a number of pupils to take responsibility for updating the jotters they take home showing a record of the books they are reading. This means that, unless we are writing comments, we do not see these jotters every week. We ask pupils to show us if there is a message in the jotter from someone at home but pupils are not always doing so. Therefore, if you write a note in the jotter, please make your child aware of this and ask them to show us the jotter so that we can respond as appropriate.

Listening and Talking

We are looking forward to hearing everyone’s book talks. We will begin listening to some on Monday and will continue throughout the week (and possibly to following week).


We were developing our subtraction skills this week during mental maths. This included some revision as well as learning some new strategies.

Follow the link to practise subtracting by counting back from a number.


Expressive Arts

We have begun learning about the Russian composer, Tchaikovsky, and have enjoyed listening to music from The Nutcracker Suite.

At home, listen to some other pieces of music by Tchaikovsky. Think about how they compare to the music you have already listened to and discuss this with someone at home. Which is your favourite piece and why?