P4J Jumping Jigglypuffs w/c 4.11.19

**Next Week**

P4J and P4W will be part of a visit to the school by the RSPB on Wednesday morning. This will introduce the class to our next topic – Living Things.

Please check Parent Pay to give consent for your child to attend, along with payment for the visit.

As the visit will be primarily outside, please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for cold and/or wet weather.

Many thanks!


Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about the grid strategy for addition, and the jump strategy along a number line.  Next week we will investigate the column method for addition and continue to practice our addition using number line jumps.

We have been practicing our number bonds to 100 and doubling numbers. We will continue to practice these skills next week.

We have been continuing our learning about symmetry, with Miss Houliston.


We completed and published the descriptive writing of our playground in Autumn, in a final copy. We used lots interesting adjectives, powerful verbs and elements of VCOP in our writing – it was fantastic!

Next week, we will be starting our new class novel.

Spelling Words

We have been practicing using ar and or.


sharp harm chart shark march cork forty horse


alarm orbit inform scorch force torch starving barge

tricky words – only, little.


We have been developing our knowledge of weather and forecasting with our learning partners. We were able to recognise and discuss different weather symbols which are used in weather forecasting. We then applied this knowledge on to weather maps of different countries around the world, including France, Japan, India and Serbia!

We have been developing our ball skills and playing bench ball. We have really enjoyed working as a team and will continue to practice our teamwork and communication skills.

Home learning:

  • Looking at and discussing weather forecasts.
  • Assigned reading books.
  • Looking for lines of symmetry in different shapes and designs that you see.
  • Adding two items together using the grid method or number line jump strategy.
  • Discussing jigsaw numbers e.g. change from £1 for a 37p sweet.

Have a lovely weekend!