P5T Reflective Friday 8.11.19

It has been a busy week in Primary 5 this week!

In Literacy this week…


In Reading we started our new group books. We also analysed a music video. We were to answer questions to show our understanding.

Our rule this week in Spelling was “tion” to sound like “shun” SPELLING P5 WEEK 10 1

We use the Edinburgh Sound Chart to sound out the words. This shows us that there are different ways to say the same sound.


Activities to do at home –

  • See spelling document
  • Make notes for a programme you watch (think of the mindmaps we were making.


In Maths and Numeracy…


Things to do at home:

  • Randomly ask the time – say it in 2 different ways
  • Try to find the area using our formula (Area = Length x Breadth) for things around the house.


Other Areas of the Curriculum


  • We started practising our assembly! You are in for treat next Friday!
  • In P.E. we looked at volleyball rules. We are learning new skills.