P7T – 8.11.19

Friday 8th November 2019 Reflective Friday




  • We did persuasive writing where we were trying to sell a house to a chosen monster. For this we look at different houses online for sale, mostly the floor plans so we could make our own. We made floor plans and posters to help us sell our houses.
  • This week our spelling rule was el some of our spelling words were : Level, Jewel ,Quarrel and Travel


Numeracy/ Maths

  • Multiplying and Dividing by muliples of 10, 100 &1000
  • Algebra with Boroughmuir Teacher



  • Coming up with ideas for our Make £5 grow topic.
  • PE: Badminton – we have been learning a range of different serves and shots.


What we enjoyed

  • We particularly enjoyed the persuasive writing advert poster making exercise.