Week beginning 04.11.19

Christmas card templates have been sent home and need to be ordered online by Monday if you would like any. Please check school bags or purple reading folders if you are missing yours.

This week’s blog comes from Lexi, Cara and Amelia.

In topic we were making houses. We had to design our house, talk about the features of different types of houses, use creativity skills and work as a team.

We were going to make a semi-detached house but it ended up being a detached house because we forgot to separate it on the inside so it was one house with two doors.” – Lexi

My group made a detached a house. We were going to make a terraced house which is lots of houses attached together but we made a detached house instead which is just one house.” – Cara

Our spelling rule for this week was the ‘i’ sound but spelled igh (like in light, sight and night) or (like in try, fry and shy).

In maths we have been practising our subtraction skills. Today we were using counting back as a strategy. We have also been following directions using forwards, backwards, left and right. We linked this learning to coding using the A.L.E.X. app and our robot mouse. Our next step will be to give directions.

In P.E. we have been improving our ball skills with a focus on throwing, catching and we started to work on shooting with Mrs Bailey. (Our P.E. days have changed to Tuesday and Wednesday).

We learnt classroom words in French. We learnt listen, watch, repeat, yes, no, thank you and sorry. Ask us to show you at home!

We are were talking about the composer Tchaikovsky and listening to some of the music from the ballet The Nutcracker. Then we drew pictures of what we pictured while listening to the music.

Home Learning

Spelling – we use a range of active spelling strategies to practise our lists in class such as pyramid, rainbow, or silly writing which could also be used at home. An online game that could be used is spellingcity. New words will be posted on Monday.

Maths – please continue to practise counting backwards as much as possible, especially with bigger numbers (for example, counting backwards from 45 to 37). If the children are feeling confident they could practise backwards skip counting in 2s, 5s, or 10s with 3s and 4s as an extra challenge. Today some of the class had the opportunity to play a Topmarks game called Subtraction Grids or you could try some of the subtraction games on Arcademics like Minus Mission.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Collyns and P3C