P2c learning 8.11.19

Independent learning and skills development


  • We have been reading in class and completing a variety of reading activities/strategies to support our understanding and fluency
  • We have been focusing on the ‘oi’ and ‘oy’ sound this week
  • Practising spelling block 1/2/3/4 tricky words using speedy spelling activities
  • We read Aaaarrrggghhh Spider again
  • We have been learning to construct sentences using our sentence hunt activity
  • We have been working on our handwriting and learning to use correct formation, both cursive and non cursive
  • We have been learning how to choose appropriate describing words



  • We have been learning to subitise and discuss dot and number patterns
  • We practised counting in 2s all the way up to, and back from 100, recognising the patterns that this creates on a number square.
  • We practised adding, remembering to use a ‘counting on’ strategy.

We checked our answers and self corrected !

Other Areas

  • Developing fine motor control through a range of activities to promote pencil control
  • Discussing and how to be kind to others
  • Building resilience in school and talking about what we are grateful for
  • Learning about continents and where they are found
  • Learning about habitats and what types of animals live in different climates around the world
  • We have been learning about giraffes and bears


Things to to do at home

practise counting in 2s

start at zero, roll a dice and write the sum you have made – 0+3=3. The next sum starts from where you end, continue as far as you can ( 3+5=8,  8+6=14,  14+2= 16)  Can you reach 100?

choose an object in your  house and think of as many describing words for it as you can.

e.g. The chair is red, comfy, squishy, soft, beautiful …….

Look at a globe or atlas and identify the 7 continents

find out an interesting fact about a bear, giraffe, penguin or lion.