P4J Jumping Jigglypuffs w/c 11.11.19

It has been a very busy week of learning in P4J!

Maths and Numeracy

We have been learning about the column strategy for addition, and the jump strategy along a number line.

We have been practicing our number bonds to 100 and doubling numbers. We have explaining our strategies for these skills.

We have been recalling addition facts quickly and accurately.

We have been continuing our learning about symmetry, with Miss Houliston.


We have started our new class novel – The Legend of Spud Murphy. We really enjoyed reading Chapter 1 together and found it very funny! We have been using our reading and writing skills to write in character.  We found details and evidence in the text to help us write from the perspective of the main character.

We have ben practising answering our reading comprehension question in full sentences, by using part of the question in our answer.

Spelling– Words with  ‘ir’ and ‘ur‘.

We have been exploring  words that can be made using these root words.

first thirst thirsty girl birthday third Thursday nurse curve purple

squirrel confirm squirt thirteen circus circle surprise return disturb Church


This week was Anti-Bullying Week and we started our new resilience topic – Be Kind To Others. We became ‘bucket fillers’ and used kind words and phrases to describe our classmates. We wrote thank you cards to others who have shown us kindness and created ‘secret missions of kindness’ for others to carry out.


We used our observation and writing skills to measure and record the weather in the playground this week. We used thermometers, wind vanes and rainfall gauges to measure and record the weather. We also used the vocabulary that we have been learning, along with our knowledge of weather forecasts, to describe the weather.

We really enjoyed our visit from the RSPB this week. We developed our cooperation, observation and our knowledge of trees, leaves and seeds in the woodland area of our playground. We are looking forward to the RSPB returning to our class in a few weeks. Here are some pictures from our outdoor learning:

Home learning:

  • Assigned reading books.
  • Adding two items together using the column method and discussing carrying a number. Check your answer using the number line method.
  • Discussing jigsaw numbers e.g. change from £1 for a 37p sweet.

Have a lovely weekend!