P5W Reflective Friday 15.11.19


We have continued reading our group novels and are really enjoying them. We are working on reading aloud with fluency and expression. We completed a comprehension task on Remembrance Day. We used SumDog to reinforce our spelling rules and found it quite challenging! We have also started publishing recounts we wrote about Broomlee and the holidays in the form of news articles, bulletins and brochures.

Home learning activity: Continue reading your group novel and record the chapters on your reading log.

Maths and numeracy:

We continued learning about how to calculate perimeter, including the perimeter of irregular shapes. We looked at how to figure out the missing sides of a shape when they are not all labelled. We also completed a times tables challenge and each chose a particular times table to focus on learning automatic recall.

Home learning activity: Practise your chosen times table – challenge yourself to see how quickly you can recall the times tables facts.

Other areas of the curriculum: In art, we designed our own Pudsey bears for Children in Need. In Mandarin, we learned how to write some common characters. We have spent a lot of time rehearsing for our P5 Broomlee assembly, which we performed to a fantastic crowd or parents this morning.