P7H – 15.11.19

Reflective Friday – Hana-Ashley 15.11.19


In literacy this week we done spelling and the rule was soft C.

We also did a reading comprehension on Remembrance Day.

On Monday we did literature circles.



Numeracy/ Maths

In maths we did dividing multiples of 10,100,1000 eg. 10,000 divided by 20.

We had maths with Mrs Walker. We started to look at equations with letters on both sides of the equals sign.

We also did a children in need code breaker activity.



We had a Remembrance Day Assembly with Scripture union and Mrs Ritchie.

Mrs Ritchie’s son Callum who’s a pilot to do a talk with us.

We made our business plan and looked at our market research to help us work out what to sell and for how much. We had to look at the costs of what we are making and how much our profit would be. We then did our Enterprise presentations to three judges and all groups are getting their investment.

In P.E we practiced for Sportshall athletics.

We also had German with Sabrina.


What we enjoyed

We enjoyed the talk from Callum which we thought was very interesting.

We also enjoyed P.E.