Week beginning 11.11.19

We have had a lovely Pudsey day. We really enjoyed going to the bake sale and getting to try the different games and activities like Pin the bandage on the Pudsey, the quiz and trying to guess Pudsey’s birthday.

This week we have been thinking carefully about our building resilience topic of being kind. Today we took turns to say kind things to each other which made everyone feel really happy. We also had a look at the anti-bullying week website, watched the #ChooseKindness videos and had a go at creating our own bullying or #ChooseKindness scenes.

In literacy we read and answered questions about Remembrance Day at the start of the week and most of us were working on discussing our reading books with Miss Collyns. We were trying to give really good answers where we gave our opinion and gave reasons. We had a go investigating our spelling words and finding other ways to spell the same stretchy ‘o’ sound. We found you can make the stretchy ‘o’ sound with oa which usually comes at the start or in the middle of a word (like in oat or toast), with ow which is usually at the end of the word (like in snow or row), with oe (like in toe or Joe), and with a magic o-e (like in home or bone). We found the last two the trickiest to use.

In maths we have been working on different subtraction strategies. We looked at using counting back and counting on to help us solve missing number subtraction problems and we tried to use our double facts to help us solve subtraction problems.

One of the questions we asked at the start of our new topic was about how volcanoes work because we knew already that Arthur’s Seat is a volcano. We watched a video to learn new facts about volcanoes and then chose how to share the information with the class. Here are some of the ways we shared the information with each other.

We were practising our coding skills today with the A.L.E.X. and lightbot apps on the ipads and had a go at programming our robot mouse to get to the cheese.

In P.E. we were improving our defending skills. Harry and Joe did an amazing job at defending during a game of benchball! We had a go at playing basketball as well.

We have also started thinking about the songs we will sing at our carol concert to raise money for Guide Dogs. We have been learning The First Noel and we learnt a Christmas song in French today.

Home Learning

Reading: we are focussing on having quality discussions about our reading books in class. I am encouraging the children to give their opinion, reasons for their opinion and to ask questions about the book. Some examples of questions are:

  • Where is the book set? How did the main character feel at the start of the book and at the end of the book? Why did it change? Who is telling the story? What is the story about? What kind of book is it and how do you know?
  • Who are the main characters? Name three adjectives to describe your favourite character? What was the main problem in the story and how did the main character solve it? What did you learn from the book?
  • Could you improve the story? What parts would you change? Do you agree with the character when they did …. Could the main character solved the problem in another way? Does the book have a hidden message?
  • What was the most interesting part of the book and why? Why do you think the character did… Who was this story written for? Which character would you like to be friends with and why?
  • What did you learn from the story? Have you had a similar experience? Would you recommend this book to a friend and why? Did this book give you any new ideas about yourself and why?
  • What is the relationship between the main characters? Why do you think the main character chose to … Why did the author use …. word? Can you create a different ending to the book? Why would you change it?

Spelling: please keep practising spelling words at home (in the most creative ways you can) – we had a few coats spelt caot today! New words will be published on Monday.

Maths: Mrs Bailey was working on quarter, half and full or whole turns this week and developing understanding of what is meant by clockwise and anticlockwise. You could give the children some instructions or let them give you instructions to further develop their understanding. (E.g. one quarter turn anticlockwise, a half turn clockwise etc.)


Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Miss Collyns and P3C