P1/2 Learning Ladybirds 18.11.19

P1/2 Learning Ladybirds Blog


Please remind your child to bring their book and reading record to school every day. Please do not be worried if your child moves/changes reading groups – reading groups are fluid and your child may move in order to support their individual learning needs.


  • P1 – This week we have been learning the sounds k and j and the ‘tricky words’ is and his


    • P1 – have also been practising how to use these sounds in reading and writing.
    • P2 have been revising the digraph sounds ou and ow and the ‘tricky words’ were and there
  • P2 have also been practising how to use these sounds in their writing
  • All – we have continued with a focus on rhyming this week. We have been reading lots of rhyming stories and listing rhyming words to spot the pattern
  • Tricky Word Power Points – please remember to change the order of the slides to keep your children on their toes!
  • Writing: this week we have continued to focus on building sentences – support and challenge has been provided across P1 and P2 levels
  • Writing – this week we focussed on an imaginative piece of writing – using the book Polly Jean the Pyjama Queen to inspire our writing
  • Writing – we have also added ‘Talking Tins’ to our wall display so you can listen to us read our own writing!
  • P1 Writing Star Steps – capital letters, finger spaces and full stops
  • P1 Writing Star Steps – capital letters, finger spaces full stops, connectives and ‘wow’ words.  




  • This week we have continued with our focus on subtraction
  • Subtraction – we have been exploring using different strategies to support developing subtraction skills: we have used counters and number lines
  • P1 – subtracting within 10
  • P2 – Subtracting within 20
  • All – there are open ended task to provide self-challenge for the learners
  • Maths – this week we have been exploring symmetry


    • All – we have been using mirrors to check if things are symmetrical or non-symmetrical. We have also been using the line of symmetry to design symmetrical patterns


Other Areas

  • Tuesday P.E. (games and fitness) – running games and discussing the importance of keeping fit/staying healthy
  • Wednesday P.E. (skills focus) – Balance
  • This week we explored balance using different parts of our body and tried some yoga!
  • Health and Wellbeing – this week our ‘Building Resilience’ programme focussed on ‘being kind’
  • We have discussed different ways of being kind and ‘filling someone’s bucket’ with kindness – ask your child all about it
  • Music – on a Friday morning P1s and P2s come together for singing. Children are enjoying developing different skills during singing as well as learning new songs!
  • Circle Time – on a Friday we discuss our learning and share ideas of what we would like to learn next and what we would like to have in the classroom to support our learning.
  • The Area – we have protected time in the area outside our classroom every week. We explore lots of different skills through block play, the home corner, role play, painting, junk modelling, sand, water and crafts…..this is also a great time to develop our sharing skills further
  • The Area – children can also self-select to be in the area in the afternoon – an adult from nursery is there to support their learning
  • The Area – some children enjoyed making Rainbow Playdough this week – the recipe is super easy…..try it out at home!
  • Playdough – playdough can be used as a fun way to learn by making letters and numbers as well as lots of imaginative play. Its also great for developing hand strength which supports writing!


Other Information

    • P1 Home Learning – is back to normal this week with the blue sounds/tricky words sheet – thank you for your continued support with this at home
    • P2 Home Learning– if you would like to support your child at home please use the link(s) in this blog
    • We politely ask you to encourage your child to keep toys and trading cards at home – we have lots of resources at school to keep your child busy learning
    • Uniform – can you please check at home to see if your child has picked up uniform that belongs to another child and return it to school – Thank you!
  • Nativity – The P1 Team have started to plan this years Nativity! We will begin with practising Nativity songs. As soon as we have more information on specific times we will send this information home
  • Kindergarten – P2 have Forest Kindergarten this Wednesday, please remember to wrap up warm!
  • Parent Helpers – thank you very much for all your help and support in the classroom – it’s very appreciated! If you would like to come in to help, please catch me at the door and we can arrange a time. The P1/2 team are looking for parents to help re-vamp our reading book system/organisation……it would be great if we could get a small team together to support us with this.  Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.