P3M 22.11.19

Hi Everyone

This is what we have been learning this week.


We have been learning about time this week. We spoke about what time is and talked about the seasons, months and days of the week and linked them to hours in a day. We discussed why it is important to tell the time and thought about real life examples of this. We recapped on what they could remember learning in P2 and went over how to read o’clock and half past. We discussed am, pm, earlier, later and spoke about 24 hour notation. We have gone on to learn about quarter to and quarter past on digital and analogue clocks and will be continuing with this next week.



We have continued to enjoy the children’s book talks and the variety of books they have chosen to speak about.

The children completed a piece of imaginative  writing this week. The subject was Greyfriar’s Bobby and what might have happened if he had sneaked out of his house and started exploring Edinburgh. As well as focusing on punctuation and spelling we were trying to think of a beginning, middle, end and use describing words to make our story more interesting.


As part of our topic on homes and our local environment the children began to build their own houses using junk. We spoke about different types of houses and what they are called and the children identified the kind of house that they lived in. They drew a plan of their house first and chose the best materials for their design and explained why they had chosen them. They had to share the resources with their classmates and use problem solving skills to find ways of joining materials together and making their structure stable. The children were very engaged with this activity and tried very hard even though it was challenging at times. There will be an opportunity to finish their houses next week.

We were extremely fortunate to have a visit from Mrs Carter an archaeologist who spoke to the children about Buckstone 100, 500 and 2,000 years ago. This is what the children thought about her visit.

‘I learned a lot about the picts’

‘I loved looking at the stones’

‘I like the activities’

‘I found it really interesting’



We have been practising songs to perform at our carol concert on December 19th. We are raising money to help the Guide Dog charity .


Next week we will be accepting donations for our Christmas Fair hamper, our theme is Scotland.


Thanks so much for all the donations of tissues, we are nearly running out. Further donations of tissues gratefully received.

Have a lovely weekend.

P3M, Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey