P3M Home Learning Activities 22.11.19


New spelling words will be posted on the blog on Monday. We will be focussing on words containing the ‘oi’ or ‘oy’ sound. Keep practising the common words sent home in October.


Please complete the reading assigned to your group. Continue to work on your understanding of the text. Ask someone at home to ask you questions about what you have read. This could be, for example, recalling facts about the story, thinking about how characters are feeling or considering what might happen next.


We have been learning to read times on digital (12 hour) and analogue clocks this week and have been trying to link times with activities in our lives. We have been revising o’clock and half past times and have been developing our skills in reading quarter past and quarter to times. Knowing that quarter past is 15 minutes past the hour and that quarter to is 45 minutes past the hour is quite tricky. Practise reading these times whenever you can at home and think about what you and your family are doing at that time.

As an additional challenge, can you work out what the time will be in another hour, half hour, 15 minutes, 45 mins etc.? What might you be doing by then?

Play the following game to help you link digital times to the time shown on analogue clock faces: