P5T – What we have been learning this week 22.11.19


This week in Spelling we have been learning about ous words which sound like us. Please see the list attached. A lot of us didn’t quite understand what some of the words meant so we had to look up in the dictionary the definition. We had some dictionary races to see who could find it first.

We started our new class novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. When studying this we were looking at how the author described a setting. We had to use the description to create a picture of the characters’ house. We also came across some tricky words within the text so had to look these up to understand.

When planning our writing we made mindmaps to help us write a paragraph about the ice melting.

Activities at home: 

Practise using a dictionary

Anything you read at home try to draw what the character has described

Draw or write about the main event in a story


Maths and Numeracy

We have continued with area. We have been learning more about the formula to calculate the area (A = L x B) as well as creating shapes with a specific area. E.g. create a shape with an area of 36cm2. This could be 6cm x 6cm or 4cm x 9cm.

We were looking at multiplication, addition and subtraction in real life problems. We also made our own. For example Jonny bought a laptop for £234, 3 ipads for £356 each and 5 chocolate bars for £2.11 each. How much would he have left if he had £1800.

Activities at home:

Create your own word/real life problems and solve

Calculate the area of your own rectangles


Other areas of the curriculum 

  • In P.E we focused on basketball. We practised dribbling and passing. We had to try to get passed the teacher
  • In Mandarin we read a book about what was made in China
  • In RME, we studied the story of Noah’s Ark and began creating a piece of art

Christmas Fair Hampers

As you will know the Christmas Fair is fast approaching. We have been asked by the Parent Council to collect items to make a hamper for the raffle. Our hamper’s theme is International. From Monday we will be collecting items in class to put in our hamper. We would very much appreciate any donations of anything with an international theme.

Many thanks for your support.

christmas tree with baubles

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com