P7H – 22.11.19

School Fair 

For the Christmas Fair this year each stage has been asked to collect items to make up a themed hamper. P7 have been given the theme of “The Great Buckstone Bake-Off”. Pupils have been asked if they can bring in things based around this theme to help fill our hamper.

Some suggestions from the pupils are things such as

  • Cakes (please let your teacher know if you are planing on baking so we don’t have too many, these should be brought  in on Friday)
  • Cake mixes (either a store-bought mix or a home-made version)
  • A family recipe printed out and decorated
  • A recipe book
  • Cake tin, baking tray or pie tin
  • Wooden spoons or mixing implements
  • Biscuit cutters
  • Sieve
  • Ingredients such as flour or sugar
  • Mixing bowl
  • Piping bag/nozzles
  • Anything else you can think of that is baking-related!


Make 5 grow

IF you have any jam jars that you are finished with, please (clean them!) send them in to school as one of our groups requires them for their business. Another group would like any old t-shirts or shirts that they can cut 15cm by 30cm lengths of to make scrunchies with.  Thank you.

Reflective Friday – Friday 22 November 2019

By Abbi and Amelie


In Literacy this week we have been learning to write a suspense story. In this process we have been developing our skills on our descriptive language whilst filling in some gaps on a worksheet. We are doing this so we can write our spectacular stories next week.

We have also been revising on our ‘soft C’ so we can use a new way to learn our spelling words so we can use different fun ways to learn them all.


Numeracy/ Maths

In Maths the Boroughmuir high school teacher Mrs Walker came in and was teaching us some more algebra! But unfortunately, it was our last maths lesson with her.

Also in maths we were having a go at some maths times table sheets there is different levels (Bronze – silver – gold – platinum – platinum 2) everybody started on bronze and if we got all of the questions right we will get a bronze certificate but if not, you will have a go next week.



  • Ceilidh dancing (P.E) e.g. The Gay Gordans – The Dashing white Sargent – Military two step.
  • Sports hall athletics.
  • Cluster choir.
  • Enterprise (getting £5 home)



What we enjoyed

Some of enjoyed going to the Sports Hall Athletics.

Some of us also enjoyed going to the cluster choir rehearsals at Boroughmuir high school.

We all enjoyed getting our £5 home.

And also practising our ceilidh dancing.


Next steps/home learning

Our class are taking part in the Entrepreneur task of ‘make £5 grow’ and we have brought the £5 home and we must start making our products for the 10th December and we have to start making our products.