Week beginning 18.11.19

Holly’s mum came to speak to us about the history of Buckstone for topic this week. Mrs Carter told us about the old quarry and showed us a photo of the men who worked there 100 years ago. Then we learnt about how Buckstone got its name 500 years ago from the King who went hunting here and started at the Buckstane. 2000 years ago, there were Picts here who fought the Romans in a big battle. Mrs Carter told us about the Picts. We learnt they had blue painted on them and that they drew pictures on stones to tell stories and mark their property. We had a go at designing our own Pictish carvings on stones.

We have been independent learners in charge of learning our spelling words with different activities. We investigated and said if words were real or nonsense, we chose a chilli challenge and chose how we would practise our spelling words. Our sound this week was a stretchy ‘o’ which you can make with oo (like in room and moon) and ew (like in few and threw).

In reading we have been focussing on giving quality answers to discussion questions about our reading books. We know that a quality answer means giving our opinion and reasons for them.

In maths we have been practicing our subtraction skills. Some of us have been taking away 10, some of us used empty number lines as a strategy to help us and some of were having a go at missing number subtraction problems.

For art we went looking for patterns in nature. We were trying to find branching, explosions, meanders, packing and spirals. We used what we found to inspire our art.

We were learning to talk about the weather in French this week. We had a go at acting out different types of weather and drawing them.

In PE we were working on defending as a ball skill. We had a go at playing netball with some people defending. We thought about stars and wishes for each other. Some of the stars were that people were shouting when they were ready for the ball, people had their hands up ready to catch the ball and that some people were finding an empty space to be in. Some of the wishes were to spread out more, pass the ball quicker and work as a team more.

We were learning to use the trackpad in ICT this week. We were focussing on clicking, double clicking and using the mousepad to move the mouse. We played different games online and used Paint on the computers to practise these skills.

Home Learning

Reading: we are focussing on having quality discussions about our reading books in class. I am encouraging the children to give their opinion, reasons for their opinion and to ask questions about the book. Some examples of questions are:

  • Where is the book set? How did the main character feel at the start of the book and at the end of the book? Why did it change? Who is telling the story? What is the story about? What kind of book is it and how do you know?
  • Who are the main characters? Name three adjectives to describe your favourite character? What was the main problem in the story and how did the main character solve it? What did you learn from the book?
  • Could you improve the story? What parts would you change? Do you agree with the character when they did …. Could the main character solved the problem in another way? Does the book have a hidden message?
  • What was the most interesting part of the book and why? Why do you think the character did… Who was this story written for? Which character would you like to be friends with and why?
  • What did you learn from the story? Have you had a similar experience? Would you recommend this book to a friend and why? Did this book give you any new ideas about yourself and why?
  • What is the relationship between the main characters? Why do you think the main character chose to … Why did the author use …. word? Can you create a different ending to the book? Why would you change it?

Spelling: the children have opportunities to practice in class through a number of active strategies, all of which could be done at home as well. A particular favourite is drawing a picture and hiding the words in the picture. If you were wanting to use an online resource as well, you could enter the spelling list (posted on a Monday) into spellingcity and try out some of their games as another way to practise.

Maths: we will be looking at time next week. You could be discussing useful vocabulary like quarter past, quarter to, half past and o’clock at home to support this.

Class notices

With all the runny noses we have as a class we would appreciate any donations of a box of tissues!

We have been practising all week for our carol concert which will be on Thursday 19th December at 2.30pm.