P2c learning 22.11.19


Independent learning and skills development


  • We discussed and planned a piece of writing about kindness
  • We have been reading in class and completing a variety of reading activities/strategies to support our understanding and fluency
  • Developing our vocabulary and talking and listening skills as we interact, discover and play.
  • We have been focusing on the ‘au’ and ‘aw’ sounds
  • Practising spelling block 1/2/3/4 tricky words using speedy spelling activities
  • We have been learning to construct sentences using our sentence hunt activity
  • We have been working on our handwriting and learning to use correct formation, both cursive and non cursive

Numeracy and mathematics

  • We practised adding, remembering to use a ‘counting on’ strategy.
  • We practised reciting the months of the year in order, and telling which month comes before/ after

Other Areas

  • Discussing the story of the Good Samaritan
  • Developing fine motor control through a range of activities to promote pencil control
  • Building resilience in school and talking about what we are grateful for


Things to to do at home

practise counting in 2s

start at zero, roll a dice and write the sum you have made – 0+3=3. The next sum starts from where you end, continue as far as you can ( 3+5=8,  8+6=14,  14+2= 16)  Can you reach 100?

climb a tree

have a bug hunt in the garden

practise saying the months of the year in order

write the months of pieces of paper, mix them up, then see how quickly you can order them correctly