P5T – What we have been learning this week 29.11.19


This week’s spelling rule was f turning to v when it becomes plural. SPELLING P5 WEEK 13 We are enjoying doing dictation with our spelling words. We have to make sure we spell our words correctly as well as include punctuation in the sentences given to us.

We continued reading our class novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles” where we analysed characters by hot seating them. This is when some of us answered questions pretending to be that character.

We are learning to join our cursive in handwriting.  A lot of us need to practise this!

Activities to do at home

  • Write a summary on your reading book
  • Practise using a dictionary
  • Try a dictation at home (see spelling document for more information)
  • Continue to practise joining your handwriting


Maths and Numeracy 

We continued our work on area. We were learning how to find the area of a right angle triangle. We know the formula for this is A = 1/2 L x B. We also applied our knowledge of finding the area of a rectangle into real life problems which we found pretty tricky. We will continue to work on this next week. We also started work on perimeter which we will continue over the next couple of weeks. We know the perimeter is the length of the shape edge.

We are enjoying using Sumdog in class to develop our mental maths.

Activities to do at home

  • Use Sumdog at home
  • Do a Suduko
  • Try to work out this problem – A bedroom wall is 3m long and 2m high. What is the total area of the wall? How many tins are needed if each wall needs two coats of paint and each tin covers 10m squared?

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We made a Christmas poster including stars and snowmen.
  • After going outside to find sticks we started to wrap wool around them to make stars. We will finish this Christmas decoration next week.
  • We made a drawing, leaflet, newspaper article or poster to describe our topic.