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This was our last week of sending reading books home, however we will be doing reading in class next week.

The children are always very enthusiastic about wanting to share their achievements, learning and experiences that happen in and out with school. We will be allocating time on a Monday and Wednesday to allow them the opportunity to do this.


  • We have been doing reading in class
  • We have been identifying the settings of our stories and discussing our favourite setting and why
  • We have been practising our hand writing
  • We have been focusing on the ‘nk’ sound this week
  • We have been learning to sequence stories into the correct order, thinking about the beginning, middle and end
  • We have been continuing to write super sentences and adding describing words
  • Practising spelling block 1/2/3 tricky words


  • We have been learning to skip count, focusing on 2s, 5s and 10s
  • We have been practising adding using different strategies e.g. number lines, number bonds, holding numbers in our heads and counting on
  • We have been learning about 2D shapes
  • We have been learning to order and sequence numbers

Other Areas

  • Developing fine motor control through a range of activities to promote pencil control
  • We performed at our Christmas songs at Scottish Water which was lots of fun
  • We have been learning through play


Have a lovely weekend!