P3M Home Learning


Please complete the reading assigned to your group.

We will be working with groups, using their current reading books, on Monday and Tuesday next week but will collect all books in on Tuesday. We will issue new reading books at the start of next term.


Dictations, based on the spelling words that were published on Monday, will be completed on Monday 9 December. We will not be issuing new spelling words next week and pupils should instead focus on learning the common words that were highlighted and sent home in October.


We have been working on developing our skills counting in threes this week. We have listened (and danced) to the following song but it gets quite fast.

See if you can practise counting in threes until you can keep up with the penguin!

Expressive Arts / RME

Our concert songs are starting to sound fantastic! Keep practising at home, especially if you are singing a verse as part of a smaller group.