P4J Jumping Jigglypuffs w/c 2.12.19

We are looking forward to our cinema trip on Wednesday to see Frozen 2. Please remember to take a packed lunch with you.

It has been a busy week of learning in P4J!

Maths and Numeracy

We have been practising our addition skills using a range of addition strategies (grid, column, jump and diamond methods). Please see the previous post for an explanation of our addition strategies.

We have been learning about different strategies to quickly and accurately find the answer to subtraction calculations.

We have been learning about angles with Miss Houliston. We have been learning to identify different angles in 2D shapes.


We are continuing with our class novel – The Legend of Spud Murphy. We have been exploring the character of ‘Spud Murphy’ and using what we know about her from the text to write our own character description. We have been identifying how to improve our descriptive writing and using this information to improve our character descriptions.

We have been practising answering our reading comprehension questions in full sentences, by using part of the question in our answer. We have been developing our remembering and understanding skills this week.

Spelling– Soft ‘g’ rule

Spicy – rage page wage garage image bandage postage cottage passage message  

Hot – advantage disadvantage damage engage rampage manage baggage courage shortage sausage 

tricky words – four before


We have been exploring the parable of The Lost Sheep. We used a ‘though tunnel’ in drama to explore the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the parable.


In PE, we have been practising our overhand and underhand throwing and catching skills.

In our ‘living things’ topic, we designed an investigation to grow a runner bean to explore living processes in a real life example. We will be starting our investigation with the beans next week.

We had a fantastic visit from the RSPB this week and we explored potential habitats in our playground and thought about how we could create habitats for animals and minibeasts.

Home learning:

  • Assigned reading books.
  • Adding two items together using the column method and discussing carrying a number. Check your answer using the grid  or diamond method.
  • Find  soft ‘g’ words in your reading books.
  • Recalling subtraction facts quickly and accurately.
  • Practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Have a lovely weekend!