P2c learning two weeks up to 6.12.19

Apologies for the delay in posting the blog…

There will be new books sent home for Pandas and Spiders reading groups today. All other groups will be reading in class and will not bring books home.

Independent learning through exploration


  • We have been doing reading skills in class
  • We have been talking. listening and giving opinions and reasons
  • We have been practising our hand writing, both cursive and non cursive
  • We have been focusing on the ng  and nk sounds
  • We have been learning to sequence stories into the correct order, thinking about the beginning, middle and end
  • We wrote an account of our trip to the waterboard to sing carols
  • Practising spelling block 1/2/3 tricky words


  • We have been learning to skip count, focusing on 2s, 5s and 10s
  • We have been practising adding using different strategies e.g. number lines, number bonds, holding numbers in our heads and counting on
  • We have been learning to order and sequence numbers

Other Areas

  • Developing fine motor control through a range of activities to promote pencil control
  • We performed at our Christmas songs at Scottish Water which was lots of fun
  • We had our final Forest Kindergarten session
  • We have been learning about hibernating animals

Activities to try at home

Deal two cards from a pack and add the total.. Now deal three and complete the calculation, Then 4, 5 etc. How many cards can you add together? What strategies did you use to help you ?

Try this game – choose the count on/back option

Pick a letter which you find tricky to form correctly. Put some flour/salt/glitter/shaving foam in a baking tray and practice forming the letter correctly. When it feels easy, try writing it on paper with a pencil.