P4J Jumping Jigglypuffs w/c 9.12.19

It has been a busy week of learning in P4J!

We really enjoyed our trip to the Dominion Cinema to see Frozen 2!

Maths and Numeracy

We have been practising our skills of reading analogue and digital clocks.

We have been learning about different strategies to quickly and accurately find the answer to subtraction calculations.

We have been learning about angles with Miss Houliston. We have been learning to identify right angles in 2D shapes.


We have been applying our writing skills to write a character description of Excitable Edgar from the 2019 John Lewis advert. We used a structure from an example piece of character description and highlighted the interesting sentence openers and connectives. We then used the same structure to write our own description of Edgar.

We have been practising answering our reading comprehension questions in full sentences, by using part of the question in our answer.

We have been creating mind maps about our the character Spud Murphy from our class novel. We identified four character traits of Spud Murphy and found evidence from the text to support our four words.

Spelling– We have been practising everyday words.


In our ‘living things’ topic, we have been monitoring our runner beans and some of them are beginning to sprout!

We have been learning about different groups of animals and how to classify them based on certain characteristics (e.g. mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, etc).

 Home learning:

  • The children have been asked to finish their reading books during their silent reading time in class. There will be no reading homework until after the Christmas holidays.
  • Looking at both analogue and digital clocks to read the time.
  • Recalling subtraction facts quickly and accurately.
  • Practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Have a lovely weekend!